If you've got a Honda vehicle you are definitely driving the "the cleanest on earth". Honda vehicles are engineered to have the cleanest internal-combustion ever. With its clean emissions, the Honda is a perfect vehicle that should run around the town. An environmental friendly Honda vehicle is equipped with an efficient fuel injection system. This system does not use carburetor which is not an effective method in complying a strict exhaust emission regulations.

Instead of using a carburetor, the Honda fuel injection system sprays the fuel directly to the cylinders or the intake manifold using an electronic sensing device. It is also in the fuel injection system that the fuel is burned and the energy is released in the form of heat which is then converted by the engine into a mechanical work. Another important function of the fuel injection system is then fuel metering. Fuel metering is the process to determine the amount of fuel delivered into the engine. Before, fuel injection systems used mechanical methods to meter fuel. But nowadays an electronic solenoid called the fuel injector is used to inject the fuel.

A Honda fuel injector is a spring loaded device which delivers fuel into the intake manifold. It is a fuel-dispensing nozzle that injects liquid fuel directly into the engine's air stream. The Honda fuel injector is supplied with pressurizes fuel from the fuel pump that enables it to open and close as many times in a matter of a second. Once the fuel injector is activated, it moves a plunger and opens the valve thus, allowing the fuel to get out through a nozzle. The nozzle is designed in such a way that it makes a fine mist so that it can burn easily.

The Honda fuel injector should be supplied with clean gasoline to achieve powerful output, fuel efficiency, cleaner emissions and additional horsepower. If this is not maintained, your Honda fuel injectors can be a cause for a poor road performance. If there is poor fuel distribution due to faulty Honda fuel injectors, the following symptoms can be experienced: hard stating, poor fuel economy, a fuel smell inside the car, fuel leaks, decreased power in acceleration and the car runs differently when it is cold or warm weather.

Defective Honda fuel injectors can cause damage to other fuel system parts like the fuel filters, fuel pumps, check valves, fuel distributors and fuel regulators. Unless you don't like to spend hundreds of dollars in repairs, you would immediately replace a defective Honda fuel injector. For an immediate need of replacement parts for your Honda, go to Parts Train where you can surely get what your Honda needs. Simply browse through our online catalog of replacement parts and accessories and pick out your choice.