One of the most important components in your Ford vehicle is the fuel. It is a significant component which allows your Ford to run or move. So obviously, without the fuel, either gasoline or diesel, your Ford cannot propel. But the fuel has to pass through a series of mechanisms before it enables your car to move. Thus your Ford fuel system is composed of many different components, and that includes the fuel tank, fuel lines, fuel filter, fuel pump, and fuel injectors or carburetors.

The fuel is housed in your Ford fuel tank. A pump pushes the fuel from the said fuel tank via fuel lines and transmits it to a filter. After the fuel is filtered, it will go through a fuel injector and then it will be delivered to the cylinder chamber for combustion process. In the combustion process, the fuel in combined with air as it vaporizes while the mixture burns to generate energy. That energy is converted into a rotating motion which subsequently powers your vehicle.

All of those abovementioned parts of your Ford fuel system are important. The entire fuel system cannot perform the job it is expected to do if one of its components is bad. Your Ford fuel injector for instance. The fuel injector is the last but absolutely not the least part of your Ford fuel system. It is a minuscule valve that is electronically controlled to open and close the moment the signal tells it. If your Ford fuel injector is boosted up, the valve opens to let the pressurized fuel be able to squirt out from a small nozzle.

The nearer the fuel is infused to the cylinder head, the better the fuel is atomized and able to burn once ignited by a spark plug. That's why, whenever you do your Ford fuel system regular inspection and maintenance, consider checking your Ford fuel injector also. Fuel injector can be easily clogged, and when it is, its effectiveness suffers. Dirt and rust from the fuel tank could bring damage to your Ford fuel injector in no time. In any case, you can have it changed.

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