The last decades have challenged automakers to do something about the growing negative effects of air pollution, with the exhaust emitted by vehicles being pinpointed as one of the major causes. Because of this, environmental groups and the government joined forces to enforce the Clean Air Act. Automakers, on their part, created innovations to address this problem and to improve their crafts. The manufacturers of your Fiat vehicle have employed more efficient devices to make exhaust emission a lot safer and as well as to promote fuel efficiency. Among the modern components incorporated in your Fiat is the Fiat fuel injector.

The fuel injector is among the components employed to improve combustion. But like any other part inside your Fiat, the injector is part of a system and works not just as a sole part but functions for the entire fuel injection system together with the other components. And just like any other part, it is also supported by other fuel injection components to make it efficiently work. Together, the fuel injection system and its related parts and systems function to make your vehicle a fuel-efficient and an emission-effective auto.

The fuel injector is the heart of the fuel injection system and is responsible for supplying enough amount of fuel to the engine intake valve where it will be easily combusted. It works along with the fuel tank, the fuel pump, and the fuel rail pipe. The fuel that is stored inside the fuel tank flows to the engine when needed for combustion and is filtered off with impurities. The fuel pump produces enough pressure to enable this fuel to easily flow and pass on to the injector through the fuel rail pipe.

The Fiat fuel injectors are small but very important components that help the engine of your Fiat achieve peak performance. They are very reliable parts, but their hard duty makes them susceptible to all the harsh elements that may imperil their literal life and function. In time, they will wear and deteriorate and you may need to replace them.

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