Take-over is a typical action in various organizations and especially in companies. This is what happened with the AMC or American Motors Corporation. They used to be an independent car company, but then in 1928 they were bought out by Chrysler Corporation. AMC has been the developer of a wide-range of vehicles. After Chrysler bought them out, they came out with the Eagle brand. This name was based on the AMC Eagle which was the last of the line solely designed in the US. The Eagle Summit, Vista, Premiere and Medallion are some of the styles that had a good reception in the market.

All of these cars are equipped with high performance engines that make use of fuel injection while others have carbureted engines. The more modern kinds of vehicles that have internal combustion engine are the ones that usually carry fuel injectors under its hood. In the process of fuel injection, the injectors convert the fuel into a gaseous substance by forcing it to pass through a tiny passageway while putting a lot of pressure on it. Fuel injectors have subsystems and components that only specialize in one particular role. For example in measuring engine load one component is responsible for that, calculating the amount of fuel needed and adding of fuel to the air stream is designated to the others. Comparing fuel injection to the use of carburetor, a noticeable difference can be observed, especially when it comes to efficiency and optimization of performance.

There are several kinds of fuel injection systems that were developed long ago and are still being used today in a variety of vehicles. We have the throttle body injection, continuous injection, central port injection, multi-point fuel injection and the direct injection. The throttle body injection makes use usually of bolt-on controlled fuel-injector valves into the throttle body. For the other kinds of system, each of them features a fuel injector for each cylinder in order to have accurate valve intake. These styles are very advantageous because a more efficient measuring of fuel is made.

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