The fuel delivery system and the fuel injection system of your Dodge automobiles are the ones responsible for delivering the fuel from the fuel tank into the engine through the different components such as the air cleaner, air filter element, fuel rail, fuel pump, fuel line, fuel filter, intake manifold, multipoint injector, throttle body injector, throttle valve and fuel injector. Whenever you gas up, the fuel that is being filled in is temporarily stored in the fuel tank while waiting to be consumed gradually by the engine as it continuously operates. But you may ask how the fuel is being delivered from the fuel into the engine. Here is how.

A device called fuel pump moves the fuel from the gas tank through a considerable length of hard tubing fuel line and fuel filter then into the engine compartment. When the fuel reaches the engine compartment, it will now pass through the fuel injection system for the regulation of the supply of fuel into the engine (depending upon the pressure you apply into the gas pedal) to be burned along with the air during the combustion process, or through one or more carburetors and into an intake manifold for older and race vehicles.

In the fuel injection system, there is a tiny electric valve called fuel injector that opens and closes through an electric signal sent and controlled by a computer. A fuel injector like the Dodge fuel injector is tasked to supply fuel to the engine's combustion process. Since the air and fuel mixture that will be used in the combustion process should neither be lean nor rich, the fuel injector ensures that the amount of the fuel that is being supplied is just enough to meet the required amount for better engine performance, low emissions, drivability, and better fuel economy. Failure of the fuel injector to fails to work properly, expect to experience sooner or later some problems regarding the engine performance of your vehicle. For this reason, keeping an eye on your vehicle's fuel injection system particularly the fuel injector is very important to prevent troubles and high cost of repairs.

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