Automotive engineering had developed gradually into modern and highly advanced applications which resulted into hi-tech equipments that are dominant in the automobiles nowadays. Modern systems are integrated in the automobile design and electronic components prevail in almost all the engine and other auto body parts. Gone are the days when automobiles are driven by all sorts of mechanical devices. The introduction of computer systems had greatly improved the automobile's performance that is why automobile manufacturers are not resting on the bench to keep their own line of vehicles at par with the competitors. The automotive industry is in its continuing effort to offer the market with automobiles built with highly revolutionized systems.

Among the various systems that comprise a Daihatsu and is now electronically controlled is the Daihatsu fuel system. The fuel system is the one responsible for feeding the engine with the right amount of fuel it needs in order to make the automobile run. The efficiency of the fuel system greatly affects the performance of the Daihatsu engine so it follows that the fuel system must be dependable at all times. In order to function properly, the fuel system's components must not fail. The various components of the fuel system have its own task to perform needed to serve the purpose of the fuel system. One of the major components of the fuel system is the fuel injector.

The Daihatsu fuel injector is a valve that is electronically controlled by the vehicle's electronic control unit. When the Daihatsu fuel injector receives an activation signal, it opens and allows the pressurized fuel supplied by the fuel pump to flow into the intake manifold towards the engine. The amount of fuel it injects must be the desired amount needed by the engine because if the fuel would be less that or more that the required amount results to poor engine performance and fuel economy. The function of the Daihatsu fuel injector is very vital that is why it has to be well maintained and be kept from being dirty. Though there is the fuel filter that traps the particles that may get into the fuel injector still tiny particles could possibly penetrate.

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