What could possibly happen if your vehicle is not equipped with a fuel injector? If you own an old model vehicle that still uses carburetor in fuel metering then a fuel injector is not needed at all. But if you've got modern designs of vehicles like your Daihatsu which uses an electronic fuel injection then a fuel injector is a vital component. The vehicle's fuel system is probably one of the most important systems since it includes the task of metering the fuel that will be dispensed to the engine. Fuel metering is the process of determining the right amount of fuel to be delivered to the engine. This can be done through the usage of electronic fuel injection that is predominant in the modern vehicles today.

The Daihatsu's electronic fuel injection uses an electronic solenoid to inject the fuel. This electronic solenoid is called the fuel injector which acts as the fuel dispensing nozzle. The Daihatsu fuel injector is basically a valve that is electronically controlled by the vehicle's electronic control unit. It opens and closes many times per second and is being supplied with pressurized fuel from the fuel pump. Once the Daihatsu fuel injector is activated, it ejects the pressurized fuel into the engine's air stream. The amount of fuel that the fuel injector ejects must be the exact amount required by the engine otherwise incorrect amount may lead to problems such as hard starting, poor fuel economy, fuel leaks and worst is serious engine trouble.

The Daihatsu fuel injector is mounted in the intake manifold for the accessibility of spraying the fuel directly to the intake valves of the engine. The vital role of the Daihatsu fuel injector must not be taken for granted because without it you will never have that powerful driving performance that the Daihatsu gives you. One way of prolonging the life of the fuel injector is to supply it with clean fuel. Dirt and any other form of particles may clog the fuel injector's nozzle and will lead to the malfunctioning of the injector. If the Daihatsu fuel injector starts to show signs of failure, most probably a replacement should be made available.

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