One of the ways car engines work is through the internal combustion engine. In this kind of heat engine there is a confined space called the combustion chamber where the burning of fuel actually occurs. Fuel is a very necessary substance in the combustion process and a steady supply must be made available so that there will be a steady supply of energy on all the vehicle parts.

There are two ways wherein gas or fuel can be delivered to the combustion chamber. Gasoline engines make use of carburetors for metering fuel. The modern cars that we have today predominantly use electronic fuel injection or EFI in their engine system because it has been found out that it is more efficient and can increase the horsepower of your car. Furthermore, through fuel injection, cleaner emissions are made possible.

In vehicles that make use of fuel injection system, they have the fuel injectors that work in supplying fuel to the internal combustion engine. The fuel injector works in a much different way than the previous carburetor. When you look under the hood of cars that run on fuel injection, you will see the fuel injectors mounted in the intake manifold. It is designed that way so that when they inject fuel it will directly be aimed at the intake valves. The fuel coming from the tank is already pressurized somewhat by the fuel rail pipe. In this injection system, the fuel is further atomized by subjecting it to a high pressure when forced through a small nozzle. Atomizing the fuel is very important so that it will be broken down into a fine substance so that it will be burned up easily. As an electronically controlled valve, the fuel injectors have the ability to open and close for several times a second.

It's very important that engine do not run out of fuel. This will be made possible only with highly efficient fuel injectors. Through a steady supply of fuel you will have a smoother handling of your car and have more satisfaction with its road performance.

Most Chrysler cars have fuel injection system installed in them. If ever you own one, always make it a point to check your fuel injectors so that if there's any problem it will be dealt with sooner. In the event that you should need Chrysler fuel injectors the online car parts provider — Parts Train is always at your service.