Ever wonder why your friend complains about his car's poor performance and poor gas mileage? Wonder no more for such culprits are common among a lot of drivers. And take note, this will also happen to you and to your Cadillac if you continue to disregard your Chevrolet fuel injectors. Though there are other reasons for this dilemma, like old spark plugs, clogged air filters, or plugged fuel filters, the most probable cause is neglected fuel injectors.

If you're driving the latest Chevrolet model, you might have a fuel-injected system. Electric fuel injections began to substitute the carburetor in the 1980s, since then, all vehicles; American vehicles in particular have fuel injection systems. Your Chevrolet fuel system is responsible to collect, store and then deliver fuel to the cylinder chamber of your vehicle's engine. The fuel that is being injected to your car's engine is vaporized and combusted in order to produce the needed energy of your Chevrolet to be able to operate.

As expected, your Chevrolet fuel system is composed of a variety of components to be able to achieve such goal. And among these components is your Chevrolet fuel injector that can be found within the manifold. It is a fuel-dispensing nozzle that is purposely mounted within the manifold so that fuel when sprayed, will go directly into the intake valves. The amount of fuel sprayed into such valves is determined through the amount of time your Chevrolet fuel injector remain open.

Your properly working Chevrolet fuel injector is the reason why you're having maximum fuel efficiency and extraordinary car performance. Yes, your Chevrolet fuel injectors are the amazing things which allow you to obtain such benefits, not to mention cleaner emissions. Now, the things that your Chevrolet fuel injectors want in return is a just steady supply of clean gasoline so your Chevy fuel filter is also important as well as a regular maintenance.

Fuel injectors can become clogged easily which would truly affect their effectiveness. When they get clogged, they can no longer spray the fine atomized spray needed for optimum car performance and when carbon sticks to the piston rings, oil consumption will surely arise. By regularly flushing your Chevrolet fuel injectors, you can prevent this thing from happening. The other components of your fuel system should be given proper upkeep as well.

Unless you don't like your car's performance and fuel economy be compromised, you would definitely replace your defective Chevy fuel injectors. Well, replacement Chevrolet fuel injectors are offered here at Parts Train should you need to change your factory-equipped fuel injectors or any other part of your Chevy fuel injection. Just browse our online catalog and pick your choice.