Once upon a time, when cars were still a luxury, people don't really care how many miles their vehicles can go before giving up or how long it takes for their mechanic to repair a simple damage. But today, where cars are a necessity for most people, we have been more conscious of keeping them properly maintained and offering safe and convenient driving experience. Vehicles today are even designed to produce cleaner, environment friendly and fuel efficient engines.

BMW is one of the vehicle manufacturers today that has successfully met the safety, affordability, convenience and economy requirement of most drivers these days. They have continuously enhanced their models to exude a distinct and dynamic aura suited for every driver's driving style. They have especially given enough attention in creating cars that offer safe emissions and high power ignition. Thus, as a BMW owner, preserving its uniqueness is vital and your only way of achieving this is to make sure that all its parts are inspected regularly.

One of the essential elements of your BMW that needs proper upkeep is the fuel injector. In general, fuel injectors make sure that there is enough supply of fuel into the engine to maintain power and performance of your car. It is the fuel injector that keeps the combustion cycle in proper order. Latest models of BMW that use electrical system generally use electronic fuel injectors. Electronic fuel injectors usually have a separate injector for each cylinder. Its delivery style is often referred to as the multi-port fuel injection system. The injectors fire at the same time even though the cylinders don't work at the same time. As a result, every time you step on the pedal, you get faster response and increased fuel delivery.

However, fuel injectors can get clogged or worn out after sometime. When this happens, it is important that you immediately secure for replacement to avoid getting the entire fuel system badly damaged. Symptoms of worn out fuel injector include misfires, loss of power, and poor gas mileage. Although a fuel injector cleaner can be used to clean your clogged fuel injector, there are instances when the injector gets badly damaged for cleaning. As such, you have no other option but to replace the injector.

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