Audi is one of the car brands that have built their reputation over long years of struggle and competition. In the duration of their existence in the automobile market they continually build and re-build their products in order to meet the changing taste and demand of the customers. With each rebadging, they also incorporate new equipment and gadgets that will make the car perform better than before.

Most of the modern Audi cars released in the market today make use of fuel injection as their way of directing fuel to the internal combustion engine. The fuel injection system has fuel injectors that are responsible for atomizing the fuel that is pumped into the combustion chamber. Atomizing means the fuel is broken down into finer components like that of a mist so that it will be burned up easily. In order for this process to be made possible the fuel is forcibly pumped through a tiny opening using high pressure.

Audi cars are equipped either with direct injection system or a multi-point injection. In the direct injection system the injection nozzle is located right inside the combustion chamber allowing a cleaner and more efficient flow of fuel. The multi-point injectors supply fuel to separate cylinders. This is unlike the other types that direct the flow of the fuel to one focal point. The fuel injectors used in these processes are very much capable of opening and closing so many times in a second. The Audi Company makes use of these types of injection systems in order to give variation to the components of their different models.

At present most car makers are making use of fuel injection instead of carburetors because this system gives more power to the car and enables cleaner emissions. The injectors they incorporate are specially engineered to ensure steady supply of fuel to the combustion chamber for excellent road performance.

A great car such as the Audi deserves to be properly maintained. This is especially true for the engine system where the whole operation depends on. The fuel injectors in particular have to be checked often to know if they are still in tune with the flow of the whole system. But if your fuel injectors are no longer capable of providing the needed supply of fuel, you can have them replaced by availing of the Audi fuel injectors at Parts Train. We have quality and affordability in one attractive package.