Car Fuel Injectors

The fuel system feeds the engine with gasoline or diesel that it needs to run. Without this, any vehicle will never be in motion even if other major systems are fully functional like the engine, emission, and electrical systems. Because of its significance, the fuel system should be checked and maintained regularly, including all its major parts such as the fuel tank, fuel pump, fuel filter, and fuel injector. All these parts perform vital functions; a defect in any of these, like the fuel injector, can greatly affect the vehicle's operation.

The injector is a tiny electric valve that opens and closes with an electric signal. Its main function is to supply fuel for combustion. The opening and closing of this part to let the fuel into the engine is controlled by a computer. This is very crucial because shots of fuel needed during combustion should not be more than or less than the required amount to achieve the perfect air-fuel ratio. This ratio must be accurately controlled under all operating conditions to achieve the desired engine performance through low emissions, improved drivability, and better fuel economy. When the injector doesn't deliver the required amount of fuel, this can affect overall engine performance and the vehicle as a whole. That is why it is important to regularly check the car fuel injector because when it malfunctions, the engine may run lean or rich and cause misfires, rough idles, sputters, and acceleration problems.

One of the most common problems in the fuel system is a contaminated injector. Even though the fuel filter does its job of screening out grime from the fuel, still, there are damaging elements that can seep into the car fuel injector. Over time, these particles can become deposits and clog this component. When this happens, it will not be able to deliver the right amount of fuel the engine needs to run without a hitch.

Clogged fuel injectors can be cleaned easily through the use of a fuel system cleaner. However, if they are already beyond cleaning, it is better to get direct-fit injector replacements. These injectors should be calibrated according to your vehicle's fuel system so that they can maintain the needed pressure and deliver the right amount of fuel needed in the combustion chamber.

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