A fuel filter keeps the fuel clean before it flows into your ride's engine. Before the gasoline flows into the engine, it first flows through the Volvo S90 fuel filter to be 100% sure it doesn't really have any dirt, stubborn grime, or other elements that can damage the injector and possibly cause extreme damage to the engine.

Just like any other filter, this part will someday wear out. Contaminants such as fuel deposits, stubborn grime, and dust can all ruin the filter, forcing you to get a new one. There are no concrete regulations as to when you should change Volvo S90 fuel filters but if you notice tell-tale signs like a very rough idle, stalling engine, and problems in starting the car engine, you should check your car fuel filters. Plenty of car experts claim that it's actually best to replace the fuel filter once every year or every time you go for a complete tune-up, but this will truly depend on how frequently you use your vehicle, and if you actually live in an extremely polluted area.

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