The heating system in your Volkswagen is responsible for keeping your interior warm and comfortable especially during cold climates. It vents off warm air by working on the same coolant used by the cooling system and distributes it throughout the engine. It is circulated from the radiator through a series of hoses and heater valve and then passes it through the heater core. The heater core is the radiator-like heat exchanger that serves as the source of heat for the heating system. Aside from that, the heating system also acts as a secondary cooling system that can help in dispersing engine heat whenever your vehicle is running too hot. However, to be effective, its efficiency relies greatly in the Volkswagen heater hose. This is the useful pathway by which the warm coolant flows to and from the heater core.

Heat is the by product of your engine's combustion process wherein it is absorbed by the coolant in your radiator. This coolant is then circulated through the heater core before it is returned back to the radiator. The heater core which is located in your dashboard is connected to the engine's cooling system via the Volkswagen heater hose. This hose provides a supply and return passageway for warm coolant circulating in the heater core. It may be geared with a heater control valve to regulate the coolant flow by controlling heater output thru opening or closing the coolant flow into the heater core.

The heating system also includes a blower motor, fan, and temperature duct controls, where you can select desired temperature and direct the flow of warm air inside your interior. A fan blows the warm air through the heater core and to the passenger compartment area. In order to achieve optimal heating functions, the Volkswagen heater hose ensures that the warm coolant is held securely and routed to the hater core.

But since constant strain is applied to the heater hose every time the heater is running, its wear is inevitable. It should be inspected periodically to monitor its condition and to make sure that all connections are secure. However, as the hose ages, cracks may eventually develop in its surface and eventually will lead to its demise. If chafed or cut is present during your routine inspection, have it immediately replaced to prevent further complications.

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