Keeping your Scion always on the track with that top notch road performance can be achieved by having properly maintained parts as well as equipping it with useful upgrades that can really unleash its peak potential. But aside from that, one important thing that you must keep in mind is that, in order for your engine to last for years while consistently providing you its superb output, the fuel that runs through it must constantly be clean. Since the fuel is the lifeblood of your vehicle, it must nonetheless be free from all sorts of contaminants that can cause harm to vulnerable engine components. By employing the Scion fuel filter, you are assured to have a better performing engine. This is a device that screens out all unwanted debris from the fuel, and thus providing pure and clean fuel to be circulated in the engine system.

The fuel filter is specifically designed to trap harmful particles that may cause problems with the carburetors and fuel injectors. For carbureted engines, the fuel filter is located at the inlet or inline of the carburetor. It cleans the fuel before it enters the float bowl. On the other hand, for injection filters, it works by cleaning the fuel every time the fuel pump runs. The fuel runs continuously up into the supply side and through the filter and runs into the fuel rail or throttle body. The fuel that does not reach the engine returns back to the fuel tank and the cycle shall start again. If the fuel tank is full, the fuel filter cleans the volume of fuel several times before it is all used.

More than just a filtering material, the Scion fuel filter also boosts engine performance since less contaminant are in the fuel which means, a more efficient fuel burning. Preserving its filtering function can be done by providing its proper maintenance. For carbureted engines, the fuel filter is recommended to be replaced once a year. On vehicles with fuel injection system, it is best to replace it every two years or 24,000 miles of travel.

A clogged fuel filter can restrict fuel flow from the fuel pump and therefore will eventually take a toll on its life. This can also cause an appreciable drop in engine performance since the engine struggles to draw enough fuel just to continue running. That is why to prevent all these inconveniences, the fuel filter must be changed at recommended intervals.

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