Keeping your car's gasoline 100% free from damaging particles is the purpose of the car fuel filter. As the fuel flows through the Saturn L300 fuel filter, contaminants like stubborn grime and dirt are separated out, stopping them from damaging the injector and ruining the car engine.

Over the years, this part can get so jammed up it won't really be able to perform its task effectively anymore. Particles including fuel deposits, stubborn grime, and dirt can all block up the filter, requiring you to buy a new one. There are actually no specific rules as to when you should get rid of old Saturn L300 fuel filters but if you start to see indications such as a very rough idle, stalling engine, and start-up problems, you better check your fuel filters. Many mechanics suggest that it's actually best to replace or change the car fuel filter once a year or everytime you decide to get a tune up, but this will really depend on how frequently you use your Saturn L300, and if you actually live in a highly polluted location.

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