The fuel is the lifeblood of the entire system in your Saturn by which it supplies all the energy that will make your vehicle mobile. It is consumed during the process of combustion wherein it is converted into a useful mechanical energy. Pure and clean fuel can boost your engine power. For this reason that the Saturn fuel filter is employed to do the task of screening out dirt, metal shavings, contaminants, and rust particles that can cause serious damage and premature wear to the engine as well as its internal components. With the use of this fuel filter, longer life can be expended by your working auto parts. Also you can benefit from an increased engine power, better emission, and fuel efficiency of your vehicle.

Fuel filters play a crucial function in every vehicle especially with today's surge of modern and tight-tolerance engine fuel systems. Unfiltered fuel can contain hazardous particles that can cause several kinds of contamination and problems in the engine system such as rapid wear, failure of the fuel pump and injectors, and total malfunctions of internal parts. That is why fuel filters are important in keeping your vehicle always running and improving its performance since purer fuel is burnt efficiently. On carbureted engines, the fuel filter works by cleaning the fuel before it can reach the float bowl. On the other hand, injection filters cleans the fuel constantly every time the fuel pump runs.

Fuel is circulated continuously up into the supply side and through the filter and into the fuel rail or throttle body. Unburned fuel returns back into the tank and the whole cycle will start again. Typical fuel filters equipped on most fuel-injected vehicles consists of a high pressure canister packed with filtering media. It may have clamped, threaded or special fittings to guarantee a rigid connection to the fuel system. For carbureted engines, filters are usually mounted at the inlet of the carburetor or inline. They do not need to endure the more pressure like those on fuel-injected engines.

Since fuel filters are essential for proper engine performance, it must always be maintained at regular service intervals. If it is not replaced after several miles of use, it can become clogged with contaminants and thus, would cause blockage in the fuel flow. This can result to incremental drop in engine performance. When this happens, replacing it is necessary.

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