Keeping your car's fuel free from foreign particles is the basic purpose of the fuel filter. Just before the gasoline is transported into the engine, it first flows through the Saab 900 fuel filter to make sure it doesn't really have any dirt particles, gunk, or other elements that will clog up the car fuel injector and might make way for extreme damage to your engine.

Like any other filter, the car filter will someday fail. If dirt particles, grime, and fuel deposits are blocking up the filter, it must be attended to as soon as it's possible. Foreign particles have certainly taken a toll on your Saab 900 fuel filters once these following signs are observed: starting issues, a sputtering engine, and rough idle. Changing the fuel filter once a year is a good idea, but remember that the amount of pollution in your location, and if you frequently use your Saab 900 on extremely long drives can affect your filter's durability.

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