Top notch road performance can be achieved by having an engine that works at its peak and providing you its maximum potential. But this can only be acquired if there is a clean fuel for your engine. That is why the Saab fuel filter is designed to the job of filtering and blocking all unwanted particulates and contaminants that mixes with the fuel. This can efficiently trap dirt, rust particles, metal shavings, bacteria, and all other debris that can cause harm to the engine as well as its internal parts. Aside from allowing a purer fuel for the engine, it also maintains a sufficient fuel flow from the engine and into the combustion chamber.

Fuel filters are significantly needed in today's tight-tolerance engine fuel systems. Unfiltered fuel may contain various kinds of contamination and in the end, causing excessive and rapid wear of engine parts and the entire fuel system. In worst cases, it can result to failure of the fuel pump injectors. More than that, the fuel filter enhances engine performance, since less contaminants in the fuel allows the engine to burn fuel more efficiently. Typically, filters for most fuel-injected vehicles are equipped with high-pressure canister that is filled with filtering materials. It may have clamped, threaded, or specially fitted to provide exact fitment into the fuel system. It works by cleaning the fuel every time the fuel pump runs. For carbureted vehicles, the fuel filter is usually located at the inlet of the carburetor. It filters the fuel before it could enter the float bowl.

The fuel filter must be maintained at regular service intervals. This can simply be done by removing the filter from the fuel line and replacing it with a new one. Some especially designed filters can be washed, cleaned, and reused many times. A fuel filter that is not changed at recommended intervals can become clogged with contaminants, causing blockage in the fuel flow. This can greatly result to a blunt drop in engine performance, allowing it to much strain in struggling for enough fuel just to continue running normally.

For maximum fuel filter performance, it is best to follow its proper routine maintenances. For carbureted vehicles, it is recommended to replace it once a year and for fuel injected vehicles, it should be replaced every two years of use or the recommended 24,000 miles traveled. A contaminated fuel filter can restrain fuel flow from the fuel pump, and eventually causing its premature demise. When this happens replacing it is the best solution.

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