An automotive fuel filter helps in keeping the fuel contaminant-free before it flows into your Pontiac Sunfire's engine. As the viscous fuel flows through the Pontiac Sunfire fuel filter, particles like grime and dust are sifted, preventing them from destroying the car fuel injector and entering the engine.

Over the years, the fuel filter can get so jammed up it won't really be able to perform its job as effective as before anymore. If dirt, grime, and fuel deposits are stuck on the filter, it has to be replaced as soon as it's possible. There really are no exact rules as to when you should change Pontiac Sunfire fuel filters but if you observe indications that include a very rough idle, a sputtering engine, and problems in starting the engine, you better double-check your car fuel filters. Replacing the filter once a year is a very good idea, but don't forget that the level of pollution in your area, and if you frequently use your Pontiac Sunfire on extremely long trips will affect your automotive fuel filter's durability.

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