Helping keep your car's gas free from harmful particles is the basic purpose of the car fuel filter. As the fuel goes into the Oldsmobile Intrigue fuel filter, stuff that include stubborn grime and dust are sifted, effectively preventing them from damaging the injector and going through the car engine.

Over time, this component can get so jammed up it won't really be able to actually do its main job effectively anymore. If dirt, gunk, and fuel deposits are stuck on the auto fuel filter, it should be changed as soon as you can. There are no specific rules on when you should change Oldsmobile Intrigue fuel filters but if you observe indications that include a very rough idle, engine stalling, and problems in starting the engine, you better double-check your filters. Changing the fuel filter once every year is a good suggestion, but remember that the level of pollution in your location, and if you frequently make use of your car on extremely long trips will contribute to your filter's durability.

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