Helping keep your car's fuel 100% free from harmful particles is the basic purpose of the fuel filter. Right before the gasoline is transported into the engine, it first goes through the Nissan Stanza fuel filter to be 100% sure it does not have any dirt, gunk, or other objects that can clog up the injector and might lead to heavy damage to the engine.

Through time, this component can get so clogged up it will not be able to do its task properly anymore. Particles like fuel deposits, stubborn grime, and dust can all block up the fuel filter, requiring you to get a replacement part. Foreign particles have definitely taken a toll on your Nissan Stanza fuel filters once these following signs are observed: starting problems, an engine sputtering, and very rough idle. Replacing the fuel filter once a year is a very good idea, but always remember that the level of pollution in your area, and if you often take your Nissan Stanza on long road trips will definitely contribute to your fuel filter's life span.

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