A fuel filter keeps the fuel clean before it goes into your vehicle's engine. Before the gasoline is transported into the engine, it first goes through the Lexus Gx470 fuel filter to be sure it doesn't really have any dirt particles, stubborn grime, or other objects that will probably clog up the car fuel injector and might lead to heavy damage to the car engine.

Over time, this part can get so clogged up it will not be able to actually do its main job effectively anymore. Contaminants including fuel deposits, sticky gunk, and dust can all ruin the car fuel filter, forcing you to purchase a brand-new one. Foreign particles have definitely taken a toll on your Lexus Gx470 fuel filters once these signs are seen: starting issues, a sputtering engine, and really rough idle. Changing the filter once a year is a good idea, but always remember that the level of pollution in your area, and if you usually take your vehicle on really long road trips can affect your filter's life span.

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