Helping keep your car's gasoline free from damaging particles is the main purpose of the fuel filter. As the fuel goes into the Jeep Cj5 fuel filter, particles such as grime and dust are sifted out, preventing them from destroying the fuel injector and entering the car engine.

Similar to any kind of filter, this part will eventually fail. Foreign particles including fuel deposits, stubborn grime, and stubborn dirt can all clog up the fuel filter, requiring you to purchase a brand-new one. There are actually no exact rules and regulations as to when you should change Jeep Cj5 fuel filters but if you do see signs that include a really rough idle, a sputtering engine, and start-up problems, better inspect your filters. A lot of car experts say that it's also best to replace the fuel filter once every year or each time you get a complete tune-up, but this will really depend on how you often drive your car, and if you live in a highly polluted place.

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