A fuel filter such as the Infiniti fuel filter is very much similar to an oil filter. The components of both oil filter and fuel filter are basically similar. The only main difference lies on the types of fluids that are filtered. A fuel filter is also sometimes bigger than an oil filter. Oil filters are found both on gasoline engines and diesel engines. A fuel filter is comprised of a paper filtering medium, a porous canister and a plastic or metal housing with valves. The paper filtering medium is folded in such a way to maximize the surface area. A large surface area can effectively trap dirt and impurities from the fuel. Typically, rust and paint chips are the most common contaminants that accidentally get mixed with the fuel.

Fuel solid contaminants such as rust chips may come directly from the fuel tank. The internal walls of the fuel tank sometimes get corroded. The rust layer that is accumulated on these walls may fall off and get mixed with the fuel. On the other hand, dust and other particulates may come from the outside environment. These solid contaminants are detrimental to the function of the engine. These particulate can increase the abrasive action of the internal moving parts. The pistons and valves may get clogged with these particulates if the fuel is not thoroughly filtered. The increased abrasive actions may cause greater friction, which can lead to overheating and expansion of the engine parts.

Fuel filter is particularly important in diesel engines because the diesel fuel also serve the secondary function of lubricant for the moving parts and other internal structures of the engine. Diesel fuel filters also sometimes feature bowl design that allow the collection of water moisture content from the fuel. This bowl design has a valve that can be opened to drain the water. Solid particulates and moisture can drastically affect the efficiency of fuel combustion. Instead of completely harnessing the chemical energy of the fuel to be converted to mechanical output, some energy will be wasted in burning the particulates. The moisture, on the other hand, can drastically reduce the temperature of combustion.

Unlike engine oil or engine coolant, fuel flows following a one-way path. Fuel is not meant to circulate the engine system. When fuel is injected into the combustion chambers, the fuel is meant to be consumed to supply energy to the engine. Hence, it is very important that the fuel must be thoroughly filtered to prevent any contaminants from entering the engine. Parts Train offers the most reliable aftermarket fuel filters that can be installed in any types of engine.