A fuel filter such as the Hummer fuel filter is vital in maintaining the efficiency of the engine. A fuel filter prevents contaminants such as moisture, debris and rust from getting mixed with the fuel. If contaminants such as moisture, dirt, rust and debris get mixed with the fuel, the internal parts of the engine can easily be damaged. When there are impurities mixed with the fuel, it is only partially burned. Consequently, the rate of combustion will slow down and residues will be formed. The reduced thermal energy will result in the equally reduced engine output. Other contaminants such as moisture have different effect on the engine. Moisture is particularly destructive to engine parts because it can cause corrosion. Moisture may come from condensations inside the fuel tanks or from the air entering the combustion chambers. Water can be accidentally mixed with the fuel during fuel refill.

A fuel filter screened out contaminants from the fuel before allowing fuel to enter the engine. Contaminants are either absorbed or trapped by the filtering medium. A fuel filter is basically comprised of a paper filter medium, a porous canister and a plastic or metal housing that has valves. The valves regulate the pressure inside the fuel filter. To effectively trap contaminants, the surface area of the filtering medium is maximized by folding it in certain ways. Unlike engine oil or water coolant, fuel follows a one-way path. Fuel is consumed in the combustion chambers. Hence, it should be thoroughly filtered.

If the contaminants are not completely eliminated, the efficiency of combustion will be drastically affected. As a result, engine output will not be maximized. Thermal energy generated by fuel combustion will not reach optimal level. Fuel will be wasted and residues will be formed. Residues such as hydrocarbon residues and soot will be left behind, contaminating the internal parts of the engine. These residues will eventually clog the valves and pistons. The engine will eventually breakdown and combustion will cease to be sustainable. Consequently, the engine performance will spiral down to total inefficiency. The engine will be reduced to a pollutant manufacturer.

An automobile fuel filter plays a very vital role in maintaining the efficiency of engine. Engine output is not only dependent on the mechanical parts. Rather, engine performance is also determined by the quality of the fuel it uses. However, fuel will still not be very effective if it is dirty, regardless of its chemical composition or catalyst content. Impurities are removed by the fuel filter before the fuel is burned inside the combustion chambers. Filtering the fuel is also beneficial to the environment because it eliminates pollutants by allowing the fuel to be efficiently burned. Parts Train offers the best aftermarket fuel filters at very affordable price.