The fuel filter helps keep the fuel contaminant-free before it goes inside your ride's engine. Right before the gasoline is transported into the engine, it goes through the Ford Cortina fuel filter to be 100% sure it doesn't really contain dirt particles, stubborn grime, or other objects that will damage the injector and possibly cause extreme damage to the engine.

Similar to any kind of filter, the car filter will sooner or later wear out. Foreign particles such as fuel deposits, grime, and dirt can all clog up the car fuel filter, finally forcing you to get a new one. There really are no concrete rules and regulations on when you should change Ford Cortina fuel filters but if you do notice signs such as rough idle, a sputtering engine, and problems in starting the engine, you should double-check your filters. Replacing the fuel filter once a year is a really good move, but always remember that the presence of pollution in your area, and if you often take your vehicle on really long trips will definitely contribute to your automotive fuel filter's durability.

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