The fuel filter like the Ford fuel filter is one of the standard automotive components that we sometimes take for granted. Few people realize the importance of the fuel filter. The fuel filter is as important to the automobile as the kidneys are important to a human being. The fuel filter assures that the fuel that enters the combustion chamber is free from contamination. Contamination may cause inefficient combustion. Contaminants lead to pollution. Since the fuel will not be completely burned with the presence of impurities, the there would be hydrocarbon residues and nitrogen oxides left. These residues are pollutants and can gradually destroy the engine. However, because of the fuel filter, the fuel is freed from contamination.

Contaminants may range from dirty oil, water, dust, paint chips and rust chips. Rust chips sometimes fall off from the inner wall of the fuel tank itself. When this happens, the rust chips get mixed with the fuel. If the rust chips enter the combustion chambers, they may interfere with combustion. The abrasive action of the pistons against the walls of the combustion cylinders will also be increased. This will increase the friction and slow down the pistons. Eventually, the fuel residues such as soot may accumulate. This will clog the valves and the combustion chambers themselves. On the other hand, the increased abrasive action of the pistons may cause deformities on the piston and the combustion cylinders. This will reduce their efficiency to function.

A fuel filter is comprised of a paper filter enclosed in a porous canister. This canister is incased inside a metal container. Sometimes, plastic container is also used. The paper filter is folded in such a manner to increase the surface area. Pressure valves may also be present in some fuel filter designs. The pressure valves release fuel pressure when the filter becomes clogged with contaminants. Water contaminant is another problem. Moisture may be formed inside the walls of the fuel tank during cold weather conditions. Moisture may also get mixed with the fuel through direct contact with rain. For instance, rain may accidentally enter the fuel tank during refueling.

Water is as destructive as other forms of contaminants. Since water is heavier that gasoline, moisture tend to settle inside the combustion chambers. Moisture can severely affect the efficiency of combustion. Power will inevitably be reduced. Moisture can also cause corrosion of the internal parts of the engine. However, fuel filter reduce the risk of moisture entering the combustion chambers. Here at Parts Train, we offer a wide selection of fuel filter for different types of engine.