An automobile engine will not properly function without lubrication and heat control. There are two types of fluid that circulate the engine block. The first type is the coolant. The coolant regulates the heat produced by the engine. The coolant takes away the heat from the engine and carries it to the radiator to be dissipated. The second type of fluid that circulates the engine is the oil. Although it also aid in regulating heat from the engine, its main function is to lubricate the moving parts of the engine. Pistons, crankshaft, camshaft and valves are constantly immersed in oil whenever the engine is running. The oil minimizes friction and abrasive action of the moving parts, allowing smooth operation.

Oil lubricant is crucial in maintaining the mechanical integrity of the engine. It allows the moving parts to smoothly slide. Hence, the cleanliness of the oil should be maintained. Fuel filters such as the Fiat fuel filter is directly responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the oil that circulates the engine block. The oil is driven by the oil pump. It is mainly stored in the oil reservoir. The oil is pumped from the oil reservoir and passes through the oil filter before entering the engine block. As the oil circulates the engine block, it also pickup some impurities that might be trapped inside the engine block. It may pickup fuel residues and even rust along the way. As it exits the engine block, it is also heated. Hence, it is circulated to the oil radiator to dissipate the heat before returning to the oil reservoir.

Fuel filters are simple yet effective devices for cleaning any impurities in the oil. It is comprised of a canister with holes, a filter paper, valves and metal housing. It can filter solid particulates such as dust, sand, pollen grain, paint chips, rust chips and dirt. Fuel filters are not present in early models of automobiles. The early models of automobiles simply allowed the re-circulation of dirty oil into the system. In order to maintain the optimal performance of the automobile, periodic oil change was required every five hundred miles of driving. This made automobile maintenance quite expensive.

Automobile maintenance expense is reduced because of the fuel filter. The oil can be used and re-used several times without the need for periodic oil change. On the other hand, this does not necessarily mean that the oil lubricant of your vehicle can be used indefinitely. It still has to be changed from time to time to maintain optimal engine performance. The lifespan of the oil is only prolonged. There are also instances where you need to replace the oil filter itself. Here at Parts Train, we offer high-quality oil filters at very reasonable price.