Automobiles like the Eagle sedan or Eagle station wagon need clean or uncontaminated fuel to efficiently function. Fuel filter is located along the fuel circuit adjacent to the fuel tank or immediately below the fuel tank. Before the fuel from the fuel tank enters the engine system, it first passes through the fuel filter. The fuel filter is a cylindrical component resembling a small can or vial. It contains a filter medium and it has a central pipe. The filter medium is typically composed of porous material such as reinforced cardboard. It ids either encased in a galvanized iron or tough plastic container.

The main function of the fuel filter is to screen out dirt, rust and other particles from the fuel. Unfiltered fuel may cause the early deterioration of the engine components due to abrasive action. There are several typical contaminants that mix with the fuel. Paint chips may are commonly knocked into the fuel tank when refilling for fuel. This paint chip may dissolve in the fuel but it can cause the fuel to be less combustible, producing greater amount of pollution. Rust may also form inside the fuel tank due to moisture. This rust may chip off from the inside surface of the fuel tank. If the fuel is unfiltered the rust will cause abrasions and clogging in the cylinder of the engine.

Injector valves may also be clogged or worn-out by contaminants in the fuel. The fuel pump will have extra work to do, decreasing its efficiency to pump fuel. Unchecked contamination of the fuel will result in the rapid deterioration of the engine parts. The engine will lose its efficacy in burning fuel. This will result in the accumulation of pollutant residues. The residues will clog the valves and cylinders, causing further deterioration. The moving parts may not be able to smoothly slide if there are contaminants in the fuel. Power and torque will significantly be lost in counteracting friction.

Some types of engines, such as diesel engines, utilize fuel as lubricant for the moving parts. If the fuel has contaminants, it will not be able to properly lubricate the engine moving parts. Contaminants will also result in clogging that will restrict the flow of the fuel. Diesel fuel filters are different from the fuel filter found in gasoline engines. Diesel fuel filters are bowl-like in design and they collect water contaminants from the fuel. The water is easily drained from the diesel because it is denser. Whatever the type of fuel filter that your vehicle has, it is vital that it should be periodically checked and replaced when necessary. Parts Train is a one-stop online shop for different types of fuel filters. Simply browse our online catalog to search for the fuel filter that you need.