The fuel filter helps keep the fuel clean before it flows into your vehicle's engine. As the gasoline goes into the Dodge 400 fuel filter, contaminants such as grime and soot are sifted, preventing them from damaging the fuel injector and entering the engine block.

Just like any type of filter, this part will sooner or later fail. Contaminants including fuel deposits, grime, and dust can all clog up the filter, forcing you to get a new one. There are actually no exact regulations on when you should get rid of worn out Dodge 400 fuel filters but if you do observe indications like a really rough idle, engine stalling, and problems in starting the car engine, better check your car fuel filters. Plenty of car experts suggest that it's actually best to replace the fuel filter once every year or every time you decide to get a tune up, but this will really depend on how often you use your Dodge 400, and if you do live in an extremely polluted area.

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