Your engine performs at its peak when it is clean in the inside and this can be achieved by having the Daewoo fuel filter. This is an essential engine device located in the fuel line that traps all suspended impurities contained in the fuel. It decontaminates the fuel before it is circulated through the engine system. This is necessary for the longevity and efficiency of your engine as well as its internal working parts. It plays a vital role in today's modern and tight-tolerance engine fuel systems. It ensures that all corruptive elements such as rust, dirt, metal fragments, paint chips, and all other abrasive particles mixed up with the fuel are screened out. This way, pure and clean fuel is consumed by the engine, providing you maximum engine output as less contaminants in the fuel means the more efficiently it can be burnt.

Fuel filters for carbureted engines cleans the fuel only before it could enter the float bowl. It is usually mounted to the inlet or inline of the carburetor. For fuel injected engines, the fuel filter continuously cleans the fuel as long as the fuel pump is running. It may be made from a high-pressure canister equipped with various filtering media and may have clamped, threaded, or special fittings to rigidly connect to the fuel system. The fuel is forced up to the supply side via the fuel pump and travels through the fuel filter and then to the fuel rail or throttle body. The fuel that does not make it through the engine will be drawn back to the fuel tank, and the cycle will start over again. With a full tank of fuel, the fuel filter does its job of cleaning the entire volume many times before all are consumed.

The Daewoo fuel filter needs to be replaced at regular service intervals since over time it can be clogged. A filter that is not changed regularly can allow contaminants to build-up and eventually will be unable to trap impurities and thus, greater risk to the engine can be posed. Also an appreciable drop in engine's performance can result as the engine struggles hard enough to draw in fuel just to operate normally.

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