The fuel is the basic combustive fluid where engine power is derived, making it possible to supply needed energy that will enable your Chrysler mobile and functional. Through the engine's combustion process, it is converted into a useful mechanical energy that will power all vehicle systems, sub-systems, and all other devices. In order to achieve maximum fuel burning and to gain more power from the engine, the fuel must be clean and free from all unwanted particles. This is done with the use of the Chrysler fuel filter. This is the device that decontaminates the fuel by screening out all corruptive elements contained in it. It ensures that a clean fuel is constantly delivered to the engine.

Unfiltered fuel may contain various types of contamination that if allowed to enter the engine system, can cause it extensive damage. This is due to the abrasive action that these particles can incur to high precision parts, resulting to excessive and rapid wear of the fuel pump or injectors and lately, leading them to their premature demise. With the use of the Chrysler fuel filter, maximum filtering action is provided.

The Chrysler fuel filter will not just provide protection to vulnerable engine parts but also improves engine performance since less contaminant in the fuel will mean more efficient combustion. The fuel filter for carbureted engine is mounted at the inlet of the carburetor. It cleans the fuel before it can enter the float bowl. For fuel injected engines, the fuel filter cleans the fuel every time the fuel pump is running. As the fuel is forced up thru the fuel pump, it is routed through the fuel filter and then to the fuel rail or throttle body. The fuel that does not reach the engine is channeled back to the fuel tank, and the while process will start again. With a full tank of fuel, the fuel filter will continuously clean this volume several times before it is all used.

The Chrysler fuel filter must be maintained at regular service intervals. For fuel injected engines, it is recommended to replace it every two years or after 24,000 miles of use. A contaminated fuel filter can restrict fuel flow and eventually taking a toll on your fuel pump's life. For carbureted engines, its replacement must be done once a year.

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