Helping keep your car's fuel 100% free from foreign particles is the basic purpose of the fuel filter. As the gasoline goes into the Chevrolet Prizm fuel filter, contaminants that include stubborn gunk and soot are sifted, effectively preventing them from damaging the injector and ruining the car engine.

Similar to any kind of filter, this part will eventually wear out. If dust, stubborn gunk, and fuel deposits are clogging up the auto fuel filter, it must be attended to as soon as it's possible. Foreign particles have certainly taken a toll on your Chevrolet Prizm fuel filters once these following signs are noticed: starting issues, a sputtering engine, and very rough idle. Many mechanics say that it's quite best to replace the car fuel filter once every year or each time you decide to get a tune up, but this will all depend on how frequently you use your Chevrolet Prizm, and if you live in a highly polluted area.

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