A fuel filter helps in keeping the fuel really clean before it goes into your Cadillac Fleetwood's engine. As the viscous fuel goes into the Cadillac Fleetwood fuel filter, stuff like grime and dust are sifted out, stopping them from destroying the car fuel injector and entering the engine.

Similar to any type of filter, the fuel filter will eventually break down. Foreign particles including fuel deposits, grime, and dust can all ruin the car fuel filter, forcing you to buy a replacement part. There are no specific rules and regulations as to when you should replace Cadillac Fleetwood fuel filters but if you see signs such as a very rough idle, stalling engine, and start-up problems, better double-check your filters. Many car experts say that it's also best to replace the car fuel filter once every year or every time you go for a tune-up, but this will all depend on how frequently you use your vehicle, and if you actually live in an extremely polluted location.

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