An automotive fuel filter helps keep the fuel clean before it flows into your ride's engine. As the viscous fuel goes into the Cadillac Dts fuel filter, contaminants like stubborn gunk and soot are separated out, stopping them from damaging the injector and going through the engine.

Just like any other filter, the fuel filter will sooner or later break down. Contaminants such as fuel deposits, sticky gunk, and stubborn dirt can all block up the fuel filter, forcing you to buy a new one. Contaminants have certainly taken a toll on your Cadillac Dts fuel filters if these signs are seen: starting problems, a sputtering engine, and very rough idle. A lot of experts claim that it's also best to replace the fuel filter once a year or each time you go for a tune up, but this will truly depend on how frequently you use your Cadillac Dts, and if you do live in a very polluted area.

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