Every vehicle uses fuel filter for a crucial purpose. Typically, a fuel filter is located in the engine compartment or under the vehicle by the fuel tank. It is the task of the fuel filter to trap big particles in the fuel to prevent them from getting into the engine. The tremendous force behind the up and down movement of the engine's pistons compresses the air fuel/mixture in order to burn even more efficiently and the big particles contained in the fuel can possibly cause serious damage to the engine. These unwanted particles in the fuel can also clog the fuel injectors, and therefore depriving the cylinder of the vital fuel and requiring the injector to be either cleaned or replaced. This only means that you must maintain a clean fuel filter since it is important to the performance of the car's engine.

Your BMW fuel filter is different from other filters. This is because of the differences in fuel delivery systems. The principle of vacuum to suck fuel into the engine has a fairly low pressure system. This is mostly true with vehicles using carbureted engine. Here, the fuel passes through fuel-resistant rubber hose and the fuel filter is made from metal or plastic with an inlet tube protruding from one end and an outlet tube extending beyond the other. There is also a hose that is fastened over each end with a circular lamp.

Electronic fuel injection cars on the other hand make use of a different filter type. Here, the injectors squirt fuel into each cylinder. This system has a fuel that is kept highly pressurized with the aid of a pressure regulator. The fuel lines are all made of metal because of high pressure. In some cases, the fuel filter in a high pressure fuel injected system is placed in a low-pressure section and can be connected to rubber hose with hose clamps similarly to that in the carbureted system. The big difference between them is that in high pressure fuel injected system, the fuel filter is basically geared up with a threaded fitting on both ends that screw into the fuel lines on either side.

It is necessary that you take care in placing the fuel filter to make sure that it works perfectly and that the flow travels in the right direction. Bear in mind that your engine works perfectly if the engine is clean. So check your fuel filter when necessary. If you need to replace it, Parts Train is always here to help. BMW car owners like you should take advantage of our quality BMW replacement products like the BMW fuel filter. Over the years, we have been serving the same and new customers which only means that customers' ultimate satisfaction really matters to us. Be among them and enjoy your moments with your adored BMW.