Keeping your automobile's fuel 100% free from foreign particles is the purpose of the automotive fuel filter. As the gasoline flows into the Audi A3 fuel filter, particles such as stubborn grime and soot are sifted, preventing them from damaging the car fuel injector and going through the car engine.

Over the years, the fuel filter can get so clogged up it won't be able to perform its task effectively anymore. Particles like fuel deposits, sticky gunk, and stubborn dirt can all ruin the fuel filter, requiring you to buy a replacement part. Foreign particles have surely taken a toll on your Audi A3 fuel filters once these following signs are seen: starting issues, an engine sputtering, and very rough idle. Plenty of experts say that it's actually best to replace the car fuel filter every year or every time you decide to get a tune-up, but this will all depend on how often you drive your car, and if you live in an extremely polluted location.

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