An automotive fuel filter helps in keeping the fuel clean before it goes into your vehicle's engine. Just before the fuel flows into the engine, it goes through the Acura fuel filter to be sure it doesn't really contain dirt particles, gunk, or other elements that will clog up the fuel injector and possibly cause extreme damage to your engine.

Over time, the fuel filter can get so clogged up it won't be able to perform its main job properly anymore. Particles like fuel deposits, grime, and dirt can all ruin the filter, finally forcing you to get a replacement part. Foreign particles have surely taken a toll on your Acura fuel filters once these signs are observed: problems in starting the car engine, an engine sputtering, and really rough idle. A lot of mechanics suggest that it's quite best to replace the filter once a year or everytime you go for a complete tune-up, but this will all depend on how you often drive your car, and if you actually live in an extremely polluted place.

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