Among the various parts making up your Ford F-150 fuel assembly, it is the fuel filler neck which works as a front liner. Designed to contain the fuel nozzle during fuel refilling, the Ford F-150 fuel filler neck can give in to various forms of problems.

Breaking of your fuel filler neck might occur after long years of gas re-filling, and it is risky as it may allow adverse particles to enter the fuel system and jeopardize the gas within. One other problem is rust, one that can happen on your Ford F-150 fuel filler neck - this condition can permit the gas to leak out during a gas fill-up, a condition which might endanger your life. Anytime you see this component broken in the event of a gasoline re-fill or an assessment, you need to change this part immediately; that's not a concern as you are going to find an extensive range of fuel filler necks available at present.

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