Among the different parts comprising your Buick Century fuel assembly, it's the fuel filler neck that serves as a front liner. Your Buick Century fuel filler neck is an item in which you insert the gas nozzle each time you are loading up on fuel, one job which may take its toll on the shape of this component after a while.

This fuel filler neck might develop cracks after a long time of re-filling on fuel; if ignored, this exposes the fuel to impurities that could wreak havoc on the gas assembly. Corroding of the Buick Century fuel filler neck is one more critical concern that you must address, or this could result in risky and perilous fuel leaks. Every time you fill up on gas, you have to examine the component for damage - replace it once it gets damaged and choose a good aftermarket device out of the different fuel filler necks offered today.

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