Car Fuel Filler Necks

Visiting a gas station to get a fuel refill is part of every driver's routine. Some people, however, would simply open the gas cap and insert the fuel filler nozzle, thinking that fuel will immediately be pumped into the gas tank. What they don't know is that the fuel will also pass through the fuel filler neck. This component connects the gas filler cap and the fuel tank. Most of the time, it's soldered to the fuel tank. In some instances, though, a rubber hose with hose clamps is needed to secure the filler neck in place.

Fuel filler necks are usually made of heavy-duty steel, lightweight aluminum, and chrome plating. Although built to last, their constant exposure to corrosive chemicals make them prone to wear and tear. Because of that, modern filler necks are powder-coated to increase their resistance against elements that may corrode and create holes in their walls. These holes create leaks and let in unwanted elements into your fuel reservoir. These won't only waste fuel but will affect combustion as well, resulting in an obvious dip in your engine performance. Having a top-of-the-line filler neck prevents your fuel pump from breaking easily, as the pump will have an easier time drawing clean fuel out of your gas tank.

Despite the tough construction of your stock car fuel filler neck, it may eventually age. Aside from corrosion and normal wear, road accidents can also bend or distort the filler neck's shape, forming weak structural points and affecting the smooth fuel flow to the tank. Although repairing a filler neck can remedy the problem, it's only a temporary solution. It's better to get a replacement instead to ensure optimum fuel delivery.

When looking for a filler neck replacement, it's important to know the specifications of your vehicle first. Consult your manual for this. Get a car fuel filler neck with the right tube diameter, one that meets the SAE-recommended 45-degree vertical pipe angle. Also, get one that already includes complete installation hardware and can be bolted on. That way, you can easily set up the filler neck without taking too much time and with little room for mistakes.

The filler neck should be secured in the fuel system and be able to resist the impact from the moving vehicle to avoid wasted fuel and other problems. Need a replacement? Order a direct-fit fuel filler neck online and have it shipped right away to make sure that every drop of fuel goes straight to the tank. Parts Train has some of the best aftermarket solutions sold at the lowest prices you can find. Its large stock of high-quality parts and accessories are supplied by trusted manufacturers in the industry.