When we speak of sophisticated sports vehicles, one name comes to mind too quickly, the brand Porsche. This automobile brand which was founded by Ferdinand Porsche in 1931 holds an outstanding reputation for creating and designing good-looking cars. As a proof, the May 2006 survey awarded Porsche as the most beautiful car brand. But this German sports car manufacturer is not all about gorgeousness and beauty. Its performance carries the same standing as well. In addition, Porsche have managed to survive the threats and difficulties of everyday driving because of its hard-wearing and highly-durable Porsche parts like the Porsche fog light.

Porsche fog lights are the lights found on the front of the car which presence is important through navigating poor weather. Every Porsche vehicle is outfitted with Porsche headlights or headlamps and Porsche tail lights to aid the driver in all driving situations. However, these two are not enough especially when traversing through foggy and misty conditions. So fog lights were infused to every Porsche car and any other car you see on the road. Fog lights serve their function when your headlights and other front lights of your car wont' allow you to pass through heavy rain or fog. The Porsche fog light help cut through thick fog with ease and without temporarily blinding the driver's eyes.

Fog lights are yellow in color instead of white because white light is composed of different wavelengths that are likely to scatter off in the fog droplets. Now, because of the importance of these lights, it only makes sense to have them checked and inspected on a regular basis to see if they're free from any damage or if they are no longer emitting the right amount of light they should be giving off. Note that fog lights are very crucial during the coldest months of the year so you should really be aware of the condition of your Porsche fog light.

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