A lot of things can go wrong in your Subaru's engine system. But if the issue has to do with a crankshaft that can't turn properly, then get to the root of the problem. Get your engine working with a new Subaru Flywheel. So what exactly does this metal wheel do for your ride? Well, to put it simply, the flywheel is what gives inertia to your crankshaft, allowing it to keep rotating even when there is little or no power sent to this unit.

Another function for your flywheel is that it eliminates firing impulses, thereby giving you smoother and more reliable engine performance. Lose this metal wheel and what you get is poor or even zero engine operation. Due to the importance of this particular component, it's highly advised that you replace a broken Subaru Flywheel as soon as possible. Don't wait for minor engine issues to turn into full blown engine problems.

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