The crankshaft relies on the inertia provided by the flywheel of your Pontiac to rotate at an ideal rate and transfer energy to the car transmission. The Pontiac flywheel minimizes shifting in the engine to keep drivetrain units stable and performing smoothly. The disk is actually known to be a really significant unit in the clutch assembly of a manual automotive, making gear switching more efficient.

The excellent condition of the Pontiac flywheel is critical to the superb efficiency of your engine. The metallic disk guarantees stability to your engine by ensuring it won't shake far too much anytime the pistons are working, while boosting the linkage in-between the axles and transmission and preventing shaky wheels. If you're aiming for improved throttle effect and controlled drivetrain stress, the flywheel of your Pontiac has to be in top condition. The flywheel can be constructed from hard steel or light aluminum—Pontiac sure it is suited for your Pontiacso that you can rely on great condition.

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