The flywheel of your Honda keeps the crankshaft turning at a preferred speed and prompts the wheels by sending force to the vehicle transmission. The Honda flywheel is responsible for minimizing quivers, making drivetrain components operate smoothly with no unnecessary strain. When it comes to M/T, this metal disk is actually an essential part of the clutch kit that lets your car shift to low or high gear and go at different velocities with no trouble.

You couldn't dare use a damaged Honda flywheel, as this has a bearing on car engine functionality in lots of ways. This particular part does keep the engine well-balanced, beefs up the connection in-between the those axles and the transmission, and keeps wheels level. In case you're aiming for improved throttle results and decreased drivetrain pressure, the flywheel of your Honda need to be in top quality. Go for a high-quality flywheel that is made of light but still tough aluminum or forged steel—the disk should as well be superbly-engineered for your Honda for longevity.

Lucky for you, you do not have to splurge a lot of cash on a durable Honda flywheel supplied by trusted brands such as Exedy, Daikin, and Auto 7. We offer top-caliber OEM replacements and performance upgrades here at heavily reduced rates.