The flywheel of your Audi does keep the crank turning at a required velocity and drive the wheels by transporting energy to the vehicle transmission. The Audi flywheel is responsible for reducing throbbing that makes drivetrain components perform properly with no unnecessary strain. The disk is actually known to be a really important component in the clutch assembly of a manual vehicle, making gear switching easier.

The excellent status of the Audi flywheel is important to the superb efficiency of your automotive engine. This particular unit keeps the car engine well-balanced, strengthens the connection involving the transmission and axles, and always keeps wheels steady. In case you're looking for improved throttle effect and reduced drivetrain stress, the flywheel of your Audi must be in excellent form. Opt for a high-grade flywheel, which is manufactured from lighter but still sturdy aluminum or forged steel—it has to be uniquely-tailored for your Audi to guarantee a long service life.

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