Car Fender Trims

Although some car owners want to settle for the original look of their vehicles, others want to integrate car add-ons such as spoilers, wheel covers, bumper accessories, and billet grille to make their car look sportier and more stylish. These accessories also give the vehicle a distinctive look that sets it apart from the other driving machines on the road. You can always take baby steps and start small when sprucing up your ride. You can add moldings, inserts, and strips that outline your car's sexy curves, the way a fender trim would.

If you want to make your ride look flashy, fender trims can make a big difference to your car's side profile. Fenders and wheels look much better when framed with a trim. The well-polished trim can give you a mirror-like finish that adds up to your car's shiny, clean look. This can bump up your car's resale value. Adding a weather- and corrosion-resistant trim to your fender is also very practical, as it prevents damage on the side panel, which is often caused by rock chips, road salt, and debris.

Installing this part, however, requires some drilling into metal body parts. You must first check the exact spot where you will do some drilling to make sure that you will not damage any important parts such as the electrical wiring and brake lines. When you install a car fender trim, you will need some common hand tools for this project, such as a cordless drill, a silicon sealer, a Philips screwdriver, and an awl.

Ready to add a stylish trim to your fender? Start by checking the fit of the trim pieces by holding them in their mounting locations. After which, use the pre-drilled holes in the trim piece and then mark the positions where you will do some drilling on the underside of the fender, inside the wheel well. Once you've checked the drilling location, carefully drill holes and apply a small amount of silicon sealer to the holes before installing the fasteners. After drilling holes, reposition the car fender trim piece and then insert the screws and finger tighten them. Finally, once all the screws are in place, tighten each one with a screwdriver.

Installing a trim on your fender can be very easy and quick if you just know where and how to start. You need more than just some handy tools, but the best accessory you can find. If you are looking for a direct-fit fender trim to protect your car's wheel well openings and spiff up the side panel look, browse through Parts Train's extensive parts catalog. Here, you can find a wide variety of car part replacements and accessories for all your automotive needs.