The bottom of the car is extremely susceptible to scratches because it is the section that is frequently attacked by different track elements, including debris, dirt, and mud; the only way you could protect the tire frames of the vehicle from complete destruction is by fitting a Ford Thunderbird fender moulding around your sides. In order to customize the vehicle and also additionally defend it against nasty highway particles, adding a fender moulding is a smart decision as well as a worthy investment due to its dual function.

The mouldings are mainly mounted on your automobile's tire frame in order to augment the whole appearance of the side panels; this is also a crucial protection against mud splatters as well as track dust which could bring considerable damage to your bumpers. This useful automotive line is merely placed upon the fender of the Ford Thunderbird by means of durable adhesive; some of the pieces necessitate trimming, yet generally, a fender moulding is quick to install.

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