Car Fender Mouldings

Wheel protection is crucial, especially if you're set for distant travels. So if you don't want mud, dirt, road debris, and other harsh elements to be stuck in your wheel well opening, then maintain your fender's good condition. Add another layer of protection to your wheels and side panels using a fender moulding. .

A fender is that part of the body panel positioned on the sides of the vehicle, just above the wheel opening. The contour of the fenders starts right where the front and back doors end and flows forward to the bumper and upward to the hood. Minor vehicle accidents are often referred to as fender benders because the impact the bumper receives usually bends the sheet metal found at the end of the fender. Leaving the fenders exposed to salt, grime, and other harsh road elements can lead to their premature breakage. To keep them fully covered, you need fender mouldings that can also protect the wheel well openings.

Customization is among the best ways to tell the world about the kind of person you are, so you can stand out in the crowd. That's why many car enthusiasts invest in body kits for a restyled fascia. Body kits are usually made up of several add-ons, such as ground effects kit, wings or spoilers, car fender moulding, and other body panel components, designed to give your vehicle a distinct look. For aesthetic purposes, fender mouldings are installed to the wheel frame to add character to your vehicle and to reflect your own styling preferences.

This rubber or plastic strip that goes around the vehicle's fender is built to prevent scratches, dents, and holes on your fender. Many mouldings today come in automotive-grade ABS chrome to match the car's look. Some even feature extended fender designs to guard against mud splashes and road debris that are more likely to hit the vehicle's body. No need to cut or drill when installing these fender accessories. Moulding kits now come in peel-and-stick designs using 3M tape.

Using a fender moulding is easy, practical, safe, and cost-effective. This is one great way to spruce up your car's side profile and, at the same time, protect the wheel opening. Be it for your SUV, sedan, or pickup truck, fender accessories are widely available in many auto parts stores. If you want a direct-fit moulding that is specially designed for your vehicle, Parts Train is among your best options online. It is one of the industry's leading providers of top-of-the-line car parts and accessories. Parts Train has been in the industry for many years now, and its experience has made it one of the experts in consistently giving its customers nothing but top-quality automotive solutions.